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Grant Seekers

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Grant Application Introduction

Beldolph was founded in 2007 as a philanthropic corporation seeking to provide research funding for the preservation and conservation of large marine mammals (specifically dolphins and whales). Beldolph is a family corporation passionate about the ocean, its living ecosystems and the majesty of the mammals contained therein. Beldolph is interested in providing grants for projects whose designers, researchers and volunteers are enthusiastic about these animals and seek to develop creative approaches to improve their survival and well-being.

Please answer all the grant application questions to the best of your ability while maintaining brevity. The questions reflect the general interests and concerns of Beldolph, but are not intended to be conclusive. Additional information pertinent to your project should be included.

Grant Application FAQs

Do I need to send in a Letter of Intent (LOI)?

We would love to know more about you and your project; however, the best way to introduce yourself is to complete our online application.

What are the Reporting Requirements?

Our hope at Beldolph is to support your project and learn from you. We do not wish to disrupt your research; rather, to experience your passion and experience first-hand your project scope. Our family would like to visit twice a year; once when the grants are awarded, and once to check in during each 12-month project. At the conclusion of 12 months we will ask you to compile your learnings in a 2-5 page document and any additional support or analysis you wish to submit. If you are seeking a second year grant, this report will be due November 15th.

What is the Grant Timeline?

The grant will be a 12-month period. It will begin December 2017 and run through December 2018. The Application Deadline is October 31, 2017 and grant seekers will be notified by December 5, 2017. Reports for second year grant seekers will be due November 15th.

How should I submit the application?

Please submit your application online by clicking here, or via email to

What are the minimum and maximum award amounts?

The grant awards will range from $2,500-$5,000. When submitting your application, please be transparent about any other supplemental funding you are seeking to round out your project budget (see budget form for more information).

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